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Here are a few articles about war correspondent Lee Miller:

NYTimes: at’s A Girl To Do When A Battle Lands In Her Lap?

I had come to trawl through Miller’s letters, her notebooks from World War II; her negatives, her prints; and finally, in the room that was her bedroom, slip on her wool war-correspondent’s uniform.

Telegraph: On The Front Line

When you think that she came from the art world, with the background of being one of May Ray’s beautiful nude models, to the ugly world of death and destruction, the transition was extraordinary. One has to admire that more than other things about her.

Telegraph: Lee Miller and Man Ray, Crazy In Love

She was the unrivalled beauty, he the fearsome artist who made even Picasso seem reserved. They loved each other with a fury that was to tear them apart. Yet, as a new exhibition reveals, they would eventually, against all odds, find their happy ending.

Daily Beast: Model Photographer

The editor of British Vogue sent Miller to do stories on a field hospital in Normandy, the liberation of Paris and the siege of St-Malo; she wrote the text as well as taking the pictures. She rode into Germany with the U.S. Army, starkly documenting the corpses and the ovens of Buchenwald and Dachau—and zooming in, almost poetically, on a dead SS guard floating in a canal. 

The Independent: Why did MI5 spy on glamorous Vogue photographer Lee Miller?

One the most candid portraits taken of the model turned war photographer Lee Miller shows a beautiful but exhausted woman washing herself in Adolf Hitler’s bathtub. The famous frame, taken by fellow war photographer David E Scherman, captures the remarkable life of a woman who went from starring on the cover of Vogue to the front line. Today a new and no less remarkable chapter in Miller’s life will be uncovered.

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    Here are a few articles about war correspondent Lee Miller: NYTimes: at’s A Girl To Do When A Battle Lands In Her Lap? I...
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