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Legendary Women, Inc. is an organization founded to counteract the negative representation of women in the media, as well as to empower and promote women in their everyday lives and endeavors.

#womensequalityday - Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906) - she helped to bring the issue of women’s suffrage to the forefront of national attention and started the National Women’s Suffrage Association along with friend Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1869. Anthony went so far as to be arrested for voting “illegally” in the 1872 presidential election. Despite arguing on her own behalf and using the recently passed 14th amendment as reasoning for her to be allowed suffrage, she lost her case and was ordered to pay a 100 dollar fine which she refused to pay and never did, much to the embarrassment of the Supreme Court. Ms. Anthony also was a strong voice in the temperance movement as well as the founder of the women’s rights journal, The Revolution.

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