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Legendary Women, Inc. is an organization founded to counteract the negative representation of women in the media, as well as to empower and promote women in their everyday lives and endeavors.
January 30th 2013
November 21st 2011
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2.09 Firewalker

November 15th 2011
November 08th 2011

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1. Favorite Lead Female Character

Dana Scully. Scully was smart (she’s a medical doctor!), brave, strong. She followed Mulder, she led Mulder, she solved problems. She was a professional, and while at times she wanted love/a family, Finding A Man was not her sole priority.

In many ways, she embodied the messages of The X-Files in a way Mulder did not. The show told us, “Trust no one” and “The truth is out there.” As a skeptic, Scully didn’t just trust blindly; she asked questions, did research, used logic and reason. She believed there was a truth out there.

Women don’t often get to be skeptics, so it was refreshing to see a character who wasn’t some New Agey hippy dippy lady. Scully had a brain and got to use it.

She’s had many imitators, some successful, some not. I’m glad I got to her know her as a teenager, just when I needed good role models.

November 06th 2011


6x19 Three Of A Kind

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7x17 all things

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